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Matthew Toner

Master of Digital Media Program

Matt Toner is a successful and innovative game designer, digital media producer, and entrepreneur, and currently President of the Vancouver-based social media company Zeros 2 Heroes Media. Matt began work in the digital media industry as a co-founder of CanApple New Media, a founding executive of We Media Inc, and Managing Director of Oven Digital's Canadian office. More recently, he has worked on convergent television projects for Making the Cut 2 and the award-winning Bodog TV. As President of Zeros 2 Heroes, Matt has driven the company’s business vision and assembled a team whose skills range from database architecture to the intricacies of six-panel layout for mobile comics. Matt is also an experienced instructor, and has designed and led the initial Vancouver Film School Game Design stream, and has taught Game Design at SFU/SIAT and the Art Institute of Vancouver.