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Adrian Crook

Adrian Crook

Independent Design Consultant

  • Compulsion Loop

Adrian Crook, senior producer of Triple-A videogames and entertainment, lives in Vancouver, Canada with his wife Lara, sons Oliver and Shepherd, and daughters Indiana and Harlow. During his 15 year career, Adrian has produced and designed nearly two dozen products across numerous platforms, ranging from Sega Genesis and SNES to PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PC, Web, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and Facebook. In 2006, Adrian was named Producer of the Year by the Canadian New Media Awards. Also in 2006, Adrian’s Xbox 360 game, The Outfit, was awarded Game of the Year by the Canadian Awards for the Electronic and Animated Arts.

Most recently, Adrian headed up Relic Labs, an internal group at THQ developer Relic Entertainment, where he developed innovative new game concepts utilizing emergent themes such as casual gaming, Web 2.0 and free-to-play business models. He also taught Team Management in the Game Design program at Vancouver Film School.

In January 2008, Adrian founded Compulsion Loop, an independent design consultancy focused on web and console games for a variety of clients. Compulsion Loop’s clients range from traditional game development studios to casual MMO developers, TV and film production companies, grant agencies and more.