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Andrew Gracie

Andrew Gracie

Chief Strategist

  • Overinteractive Media Inc.

Andrew has been instrumental in helping many of the largest Facebook mafia, farming, and restaurant type apps tweak their game mechanics to maximize monetization through the creation of the correct sources and sinks that promote high volume virtual currency spend by users. Andrew was previously Senior Game Analyst at Super Rewards, a Virtual currency payment provider. Andrew was part of the company from the early days of social network monetization growing the company from 4 to over 70 employees.

Andrew has recently taken a new position as Chief Strategist at dimeRocker who focus on helping game developers with their web services, to deploy and monetize their games on the web providing advice and expertise to developers looking to bring their games to the web and social networks.

Prior to working in social games Andrew ran his own Film Production company in the UK producing short films and documentaries,