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Rochelle Grayson

Rochelle Grayson

Hi! I’m Rochelle and I’m a social media and social gaming executive! What that means first and foremost is that I focus on delivering rockin’ online social experiences that make lots of money – on the web and on the go. And, believe me, that’s no easy feat!

I also take care of many things in finance and business – building business relationships, making deals, analyzing the market, exploring new revenue models, speaking at conferences … that kind of stuff. I like to make sure my projects are lean, mean, moneymaking machines! All this can be summed up in one famous statement by one infamous movie star: Show me the money!

I’m no newbie to the business or tech worlds. I hold an MBA in Finance and Business Strategy from the University of Chicago, as well as Master Certifications in Product Development Management and Business Facilitation. My career has taken me from New York to Chicago to Silicon Valley and most recently to Vancouver, Canada.

Most recently, I was the President of Work at Play, a social media agency specializing in the monetization of digital content for brands and entertainment properties. I was also President of OBehave! Entertainment – an early mobile social networking company, Co-Founder of Elastic Entertainment – a digital media entertainment company, Chief Business Agilist with Agile Business Strategies, CEO and co-founder of FlashLog – an early blogging and newsletter management system, and Chief Blogger of FlashCommerce.com. I was the Assistant Controller and Director of Products at Honeywell Electronic Materials. I launched the podcast series, The Media Mavens, and created and hosted VidCamp: the media 2.0 unConference. Both endeavors showcased digital media executives and experts discussing business and other issues in the new web 2.0 reality. I have 19 years experience evaluating the strategic, financial, and marketing potential of projects and organizations, and I’ve led and launched several leading-edge initiatives.

I’ve even dipped my toes into the choppy creative waters of the film industry to get a feel for the movie biz. I was the Production Executive on Douglas Coupland’s feature film, Everything’s Gone Green. I was the Executive Director at Women in Film & Television Vancouver and co-founded and launched Women in Film & Television Germany.

Germany, you say? Da glotzt Du, gell?! I grew up in beautiful Tübingen and consider it home, in addition to Canada and the US. I’m no army brat though. My African-American father’s a professor of 19th century German philosophy and my Puerto Rican mother’s an opera singer – yes, quite the combo! Germany was the place to be. Living there taught me to think well beyond my own backyard; my American roots gave me my chutzpah and verve; and the cold climate of Canada made me hardy and determined.

I’m bringing all of this energy to make my projects the best social experiences ever – new school style! Today, Vancouver. Tomorrow, the world!