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Aatish Roy is a Project Management professional who holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology, India and a master’s degree in Project Management from University of Maryland -College Park, USA.

During his time in the construction industry, working in high-risk environments with multilingual/multinational teams, Aatish honed his skills in stakeholder management, team management and problem-solving. It was during this time Aatish discovered his ability to bridge the gap between modern technology and tech-hesitant workspaces.

As part of his professional career, Aatish worked for both government and large private construction firms, working on projects up to $10 million in contract value. Across the construction industry, Aatish observed tech-hesitancy and a lack of modernization at the ground level. As part of on-site problem solving, Aatish focused on using digital tools to improve worker engagement at job sites and to have smoother communications with clients. For a mid-size firm in Ohio, USA, which was struggling with poor safety performance and OSHA fines, Aatish led the adoption of a low-cost, market available auditing app to digitize safety reporting, create image-centric reports and gamify safety reporting by assigning performance scores across 10+ job sites, improving employee engagement towards safety. With 0 accidents in 1 year, Aatish enjoyed improved worker morale and safety with an additional benefit of cost-saving for the company.

Aatish decided to join the MDM program to build on top of his interest in creating digital solutions for problems across various industries. Through this course, Aatish hopes to learn more about applications of evolving technology, work in agile environments and connect with fellow professionals who can contribute to this rich experience.


Dec 2022 (Cohort 16)


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