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SIGGRAPH 2022 VR Theater (Client - SIGGRAPH)

Project Description

The SIGGRAPH VR Theater strives to create a memorable experience in a world of immersive storytelling. From documentaries to fantasy films, the VR Theater showcases the best of the world’s auteurs working in a medium without walls or frames. Our goal is to provide conference attendees with a fresh perspective on this ever-evolving medium. These short-form narratives provide a glimpse into new ways of storytelling that indeed create virtual realities.


The VR Theater is a world-class showcase of exemplary virtual reality storytelling that celebrates the early evolution of the medium. The main program is a showcase of the best VR narrative content experienced in a high-end, seated, panoramic, multi-viewer immersive space, running approximately one hour from start to finish.


SIGGRAPH is the world’s leading conference for interdisciplinary education in computer graphics and interactive techniques, with the latest instalment marking 49 years for the conference and a return to Vancouver.

Class Of

Dec 2022 (Cohort 16)

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