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Andres is passionate about the creation of great digital interactive experiences that can inspire, inform and entertain.

Prior to his involvement in the Master of Digital Media program he earned a computer science degree and worked for three years as software engineer and project manager in the healthcare and financial industries.

While at the Centre for Digital Media, he has worked on several projects in which he has contributed in the early ideation of the project solution, the design of the user experience, and the development the digital tool. Some projects include Pacific News Group and Elastic Path as industry partners.

Andrés is interested in understanding the nature and trends in digital media, and applying these understandings to digital tool design. Specifically, in finding innovative ways in which digital information can flow and be interacted with in a seamless manner.   

His areas of work and interest include Open Data, User Experience Design, Generative Systems, The Semantic Web and Software Engineering.


Dec 2013 (Cohort 7)