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Armaghan Khalaj


Armaghan is a project manager (magazines & MDM), an artist & fine art photographer (exhibition), and a graphic designer, holding her bachelor’s degree in Statistics.

During MDM, she has experienced different areas of responsibility. She has been project manager for two games; A desktop multiplayer co-op puzzle game and an AR game. It was an excellent opportunity for her to boost her management skillsets based on agile terminology (also being familiar with the waterfall method).

She has uplifted her soft skill set as essential skills for any team player specifically a PM as interpersonal communication, diplomacy, flexibility, empathy, and bringing motivation, energy, and fun to the team with her good sense of humour. Beside that, some of her hard skills from the PM aspect are:

  • Using project management software and tools like Asana, Kanban board, Gantt Chart
  • Sprint planning (Goals, expected results, scopes, scheduling, progress tracking, outcome analysis, and wrap-up)
  • Strong team building and conflict management
  • Brainstorming workshops and teamwork activity planning
  • Prioritization, Organization, Strategy
  • Dependency map

Also, as a generalist, she has collaborated on different aspects of the products and she has skills or familiarity with design thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving, visual design, user-centered research, user testing, wireframing, prototyping, and tools like Notion, Miro, and Figma, to name but a few.

In addition, as a Pre-MDM graduate who completed the entire program online, she has successfully tackled the challenges of working online on projects and with teammates from different time zones. Besides, as an MDM student in the post-Covid situation, she has gained Canadian experience working on projects in both hybrid and in-person manners.


Aside from mathematical knowledge, studying statistics as her BSc cultivated her analytical skill sets such as problem-solving, critical thinking, active learning, deductive/inductive reasoning, and information organization, in addition to promoting her perseverance and mental discipline. After graduation, she completed some graphic design and photography courses at the University College of Fine Arts of Tehran while also gaining work experience in the related fields.

She had been associated with the media by working for some magazines, For about four years. Working with a diverse group of employees in various roles, as well as her experience as the head of the photography department, enhanced her communication and teamwork abilities, as well as technical and management skills such as time and challenge management.

In her fine-art photographs, she takes a conceptual and storytelling approach and has a propensity to observe matters from a new perspective and consider what others usually overlook. She exhibited her concept-oriented project as an artist in her first solo photography exhibition, Daroun az Biroun (Inside from Outside), in Tehran in 2017.

Interests and Objectives

She is interested in kids, animals, and stories and boosts her energy by spending time in nature, doing sports, cooking, and being with family. She is always ready to go further from her already departed comfort zone. She is not afraid to accept responsibility and challenge herself because she believes it can be an excellent opportunity for a lifetime learner to learn more and more, and her primary objective is to improve the lives of people and contribute to a better future for all living creatures.


Dec 2022 (Cohort 16)


  • Project Manager
  • Visual Designer