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Armaghan Khalaj

Armaghan Khalaj  | student

Class of: 
Dec 2022 (Cohort 16)

Artist / Designer

Armaghan is an artist, fine art photographer, and graphic designer who held a solo conceptual photography exhibition in 2017.

She also has been engaged with media by working for some magazines for almost four years; while she has the experience of being the head of the photography department in magazines, she holds her bachelor’s degree in Statistics. As a Pre-MDM graduate who has passed the whole program online, she has gained valuable experience.

Not only has she boosted her soft skills as a team player but also as someone who has tackled the challenges of working on projects online with teammates from different time zones.

Now in MDM, she expects to take the skill set she has obtained in her career so far into the digital work ecosystem and step into the path of becoming an entrepreneur.

Projects: AR mobile game with Hololabs, Multi-Player Communication-based Collaborative Problem Solving Game with UBC Department of Theatre & Film