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Multi-Player Communication-based Collaborative Problem Solving Game with UBC Department of Theatre & Film

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As a part of the MDM Program, we will build a multi-player co-op communication-based puzzle game for research purposes in which (at least) five players interact based on some communicational constraints and conditions to solve one inclusive or a series of increasingly challenging puzzles. The game objective is to produce research inputs for interdisciplinary teams creating projects in any subject or environment. To achieve this, there are 3 pillars: to be non-violence, inclusive and accessible to as many people from different types as possible, regardless of their distance or health conditions, and collaborative, so that each player in equal standing collaborates to solve the puzzle from their own position of strength.

FaceTheMoon is a team of dedicated creatives applying their technical skills to solve digital problems. Each member of the team is more than capable of wearing multiple hats to suit the project's needs. From programmers and artists to UX designers and project managers, FaceTheMoon is ready to tackle projects looking to implement engaging interactive experiences. FaceTheMoon is thrilled to work closely with its clients to ensure project needs are met.

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Dec 2022 (Cohort 16)