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Brenda Medina Carmona

Brenda Medina Carmona  | student

Class of: 
Dec 2022 (Cohort 16)

Business / Entrepreneur

Brenda is a storyteller and a strategic-oriented creative professional who has endeavored in different roles and fields, always with a curious and open mindset to learn more. She has the motivation and goal to evolve her career into a more full-rounded Product/Project Manager in an international manner inside the tech industry.

A former Creative Director in a Marketing and Advertising agency in Mexico City before arriving at the MDM program, she has 12-years of experience in the creative industry specializing in developing marketing and communication strategies, product design, content-creation (digital, film, experiential), research, and branding.

With a bachelor's degree in Product Design and a Certificate in Innovation and Design Thinking, she has worked in renowned design studios in Mexico working in the areas of product, graphic, interior, and experiential design. Later on, she worked in local and global advertising agencies like Publicis Groupe® for approximately 8 years working on accounts like Google®, Airbnb®, YouTube®, and Waze®. She has professionally managed multidisciplinary teams and handled client-management roles locally and globally using both Spanish and English languages to communicate fluently.

Some would call her a Facilitator because she loves creating spaces for the artistic communities and projects ideas that can present the creative industry as an asset for society. For example, she founded a Digital Community with other college friends, which is now recognized by the international design community and has hosted national design events. She also has a passion for music and live events that she has channeled into producing and designing events for many years always around the interests of music, art, design, and tech.

At Centre for Digital Media, Brenda is looking to explore and develop more technical skills and knowledge in VR/AR, Mobile app development, and Interactive Design to become a much more involved team collaborator. As well, she hopes to hone her skills in concept development and team management for future ventures in the creation of products, services, and/or experiences that have a meaningful and positive impact.

Skill Sets: 
Marketing / Communication Specialist
Product Manager

Projects: Virtual Production for a Digital Play with Realwheels Theatre Company