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Cornelia Lai


Cornelia graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from UBC and a minor in Economics, during which she took various visual arts for her elective courses. Thanks to those art elective courses, she was able to discover her passion for design and thus began her journey by taking the Communication Design Program at Emily Carr University (ECU). During her study at ECU, she learned about brand identity, layout, typography as well as project management and essential design skills. She believes psychology can help her better understand the impact that good designs can have on the market. 

Cornelia spent 9 months at a Vancouver startup company as a visual and interface designer, during which she utilized her professional knowledge helping the company build brand identity and developing the interface of a mobile app. Throughout her experiences, she accumulated lots of experience about how to cooperate with developers and product owners, as well as solving conflicts between team members. 

Outside of class, her creativity is inspired by music, movie and especially architecture. During her time at the MDM program, she wishes to collaborate with other people to learn more knowledge about VR/ AR design, hence to create impactful experiences. She would love to use her design skills to solve real-world problems and provide people with a better life. 


Dec 2021 (Cohort 15)


  • 2D Designer
  • Concept Artist
  • UI Designer
  • UX Designer