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Fernando Flores Artiga

Fernando Flores

Fernando is a storyteller at heart.

He considers himself a 3D artist. His approach to storytelling within this medium is one of discovery, hoping to contribute his skills to a team effort focused on pushing the boundaries of his medium to bring powerful stories to life. As an interdisciplinary filmmaker, he has managed to explore different aspects of storytelling, finding a balance of both his passion for technology and art within the 3D animation medium.

As a graduate of Monterrey’s Institute of Technology, with a bachelor's in Animation and Digital art, he developed his technical skills as a lighting and look development artist. He also honed abilities as a 3D generalist and writer in order to keep in touch with the full essence of the productions he has worked in.

It was during this time that he would create and direct two animated short films; ‘The Sterlingham Paradox’ and ‘Schoolyard P.I’, working first hand in the production process and coordinating a small team of artists to deliver quality productions within a short timeframe.

He complemented his knowledge with a diploma in Writing for Film, Television, and Games from Vancouver Film School, producing the award-winning horror short film ‘I’m Sorry’. A production where he contributed his skills as a VFX artist as well.

The next step in Fernando’s journey is MDM, an endeavor he is excited to undertake, in his own words: – “We stand on the shoulders of giants. Whether we are scientists, artists, businessmen, collaboration is the heart of our efforts. MDM encourages you to think outside your area, to see things the way other talented people do, and learn from this new perspective. That is what is most exciting for me.”

Fernando now hopes to expand his understanding of interactive storytelling at MDM. Aiming to contribute his skills to a team of passionate creators to bring fresh, unique, and powerful experiences to life. Upon graduation, he plans to join the animation industry to apply his knowledge and contribute to the enrichment of our age of digital media.


Dec 2022 (Cohort 16)


  • 3D Designer
  • Animator / VFX
  • Writer