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3D Patient Authoring Tool with CyberPatient

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The CyberPatient™ Authoring Tool (CP™ AT) project aims to develop a case authoring tool for educators to build 3D medical cases.

The application will have an interface where educators can create a case in three stages. Stage one will include the creation of the avatar from a database that would have all the characteristics of the patient, such as age, gender, race, the colour of the skin, and many others. The created avatar will have all the normal physiological and anatomical properties of a healthy person.

The second stage of development will include manipulating and changing specific parameters related to the particular condition or disease. In stage three, the created new avatar with the specific condition will enter the system for training where students and as well as practitioners of medicine can stimulate various conditions in a continuum of care.

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Dec 2022 (Cohort 16)