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Ghanashyam Sateesh


Ghanashyam is a professional whose expertise lies between technical and creative fields. He hails from a Computer Science background with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science & Engineering from Bangalore, KA, India. He has won numerous coding competitions and is a proficient developer & programmer across multiple disciplines. He has worked as a Front-End Developer building applications for all scales and form factors. On the creative side, he has professional experience working as a UX Designer. He has worked with numerous organizations small to large across projects in the fields of UI/UX design, Branding & Visual Identity design, various forms of Vector Art & Illustration, and even setting Corporate Guidelines. He is equally passionate about programming as he is about design.

In 2017, after graduating from his Bachelor’s degree, Ghanashyam began his professional career at GE Digital, Bangalore as a Front-End Developer. He was then later promoted to a creative focused role of “UX Interaction Design Specialist” where he went on to lead numerous teams on the design side of development. As a Developer, he has developed multiple front-end libraries such as a Scalable Vector Charting library for the web, a custom responsive layouting library in CSS for web applications, native UI widgets for Android apps, etc. As a UX Designer, he has designed many UI kits and application themes, website templates, custom iconography, and numerous branding projects.

From August 2018, Ghanashyam began to work as an Independent Consultant and has worked with various startups and organizations providing services related to UX Design and UI Development.

Apart from that, Ghanashyam is an enthusiastic hobbyist, passionate about Games and Interactive 3D Interfaces. He has designed & developed multiple miniature games for phones, VR experiences, high fidelity 3D applications and demos such as Music Visualizers, Generative art based POCs, experimental game concepts, etc. He is an open-minded individual who is curious about technology, with an eagerness to learn new things.


Dec 2020 (Cohort 14)


  • 2D Designer
  • 3D Designer
  • Front End Developer
  • UI Designer
  • UX Designer
  • Game Designer
  • Programmer (C++, C#, Python, Java...)
  • Technical Artist
  • Mobile Devices Developer
  • Unity Programmer
  • Web Developer (HTML/CSS/Java Script...)