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Isabela Lopez

Isabela Lopez  | student

Class of: 
Dec 2022 (Cohort 16)

Artist / Designer

Isabela has always had a fascination for things that look great but work even better. Her design career has provided her with the opportunity to think big and work intuitively. As a designer, Isabela believes each project is an opportunity to further explore the familiar or better yet, explore something new and unknown. She is passionate about sustainability and tries to make that a core and end goal for her design projects. She believes in designing with digital-well being principles in mind, and she uses design to bring clarity to complex problems and create solutions that put people first.

Her design journey began at MacEwan University where she earned her Design Diploma and Bachelor's Degree. During the summer before graduation, she found herself at the Copenhagen Institute for Interaction Design (CIID) where she earned a certificate in Designing for Behaviour Change and Impact. It was through this experience Isabela decided to pursue a career path that would allow her to design using sustainable practices.

Growing up as a competitive Springboard and platform diver, Isabela is a team player, she believes growing up as an athlete resulted in her ability to push past boundaries, and think critically. In the last five years, Isabela has earned her competitive coaching certificate and is now coaching a national-level stream. Growing up as an athlete and then transitioning to a coach allowed her to work on her empathy skills as being able to see both sides of the story is a skill she applies to her design work.

During her time at MDM Isabela hopes to work her skills, earning new tips and tricks from her instructors and peers. She is extremely excited to be surrounded by such a multicultural and multi-talented cohort, she hopes to use this time to find a bridge between her love of UX Design and Design sustainability.

Skill Sets: 
UI Designer
UX Designer
Usability Tester

Projects: Easing Access to Pain Care in Rural/Remote Communities with Providence Health and Pain BC, Shakespeare in the Metaverse with Departure Lounge Inc.