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Junyi Sun

Junyi Sun  | student

Class of: 
Dec 2022 (Cohort 16)

Artist / Designer

Born in Qingdao, China in 1995, Sun Junyi is a new media artist whose work focuses on contemporary life modes and social statelet. He interrogates the human existent by exploring the subtle and sensitive feelings of social participants in their daily lives. Junyi's works have a wide range of topics, such as politics, regional cultural differences, social landscape and the relationship between man and nature. Junyi is using different media such as sculptures, installations, and performances to find the trajectory of contemporary life, from the Internet society to the cultural phenomenon of the real society from social anxiety to personal privacy in the public view, from political movements to historical monuments, from private memory to family relationship. Through practical actions and social experiment, he pays attention to the evolution of the human existent in the contemporary society.

Skill Sets: 
Concept Artist
UX Designer
Technical Artist

Projects: Immersive VR Holocaust Memorial with Zeros2Heroes, VR Simulation for Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC)