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Justin started off his career as a theatrical design major at the University of Southern California. He transferred to Art Center College of Design where he majored in illustration and graphic design. After graduation he started work as a freelance artist and eventually moved on to work as a senior designer at Playhut Inc. where he designed multiple lines of toys for Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and The Walt Disney Company. His work came to the attention of the Walt Disney Company and was hired on as a fulltime graphic artist at Disney. He has done numerous television shows, concept designs and helped in the development process of numerous products. In 2010, Justin was asked by Hillary Clinton’s non-profit organization to create graphics for rebuilt schools in Haiti after the devastating earthquake.

In 2012, Justin matriculated in the Master of Digital Media in Vancouver, BC. While there, he created digital media solutions for the Centre for Interactive Research and Sustainability. He also worked with a Ayogo Health to create an application for those suffering dementia. In early 2013, Justin along with Patricia Nunez and Rafael Vazquez put together the plans for a game development company based on new interactive peripherals: Unclickable Studios. Their first planned game is Pix To the Nth Dimension.

Justin was raised on video games, movies, and pop culture. He wants to further explore emerging media and apply his love of storytelling to videogames – something he adores.


Dec 2013 (Cohort 7)