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In the constantly changing domain of the tech industry, the methods through which we interact with these technologies are as vital as the functions of the devices themselves. Organizations around the world are creating major innovations in these devices called peripherals. Many new peripherals designed to provide different venues of enhanced interaction are arriving at market this year. These devices are garnering interest from high profile software studios such as Autodesk, Disney, and Corel.

Specifically, the unreleased Leap Motion Touchless 3D Controller continues to pique attention from press and software teams alike. As this is such uncharted territory, small, agile development teams are able to initiate R&D in parallel to the research processes found in behemoth organizations. Unclickable Studios sees this as an opportunity to develop an interactive entertainment product that will discover the new standardized capabilities, or affordances, of the new Leap. By leveraging our adaptable nature as a small indie team we hope to gain an edge over the development of larger competitors.

The team will research, design, and realize the potential of the Leap, while creating a vertical slice of a video game that could arrive at market shortly after the term ends. The game will demonstrate deep knowledge of the Leap’s potential, as well as a polished impression of how the final product would appear.

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