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Kai-Ting Yen


Born and raised in the eternally sunny island of Singapore, Kai Ting dreamt to be in the part of the video game industry ever since he played Sonic on the Sega Genesis. It was either that or becoming a educator. Following his passion for video games, he enrolled into a Game Development and Design, Bachelor's Degree at Full Sail University in Florida, USA. After the grueling 21-month accelerated degree program, he was proud to graduate as the Valedictorian of his class with Course Director Awards in Windows Programming II. His first foray into game design in the University won the Game of the Month award in the Structure of Game Design Course. He went on the serve as Lead Designer on both his student group projects where his duties were focused on developing gameplay techniques and artificial intelligence.

After graduating, he went on to work at Volition designing tools for the Quality Assurance department while learning the ropes of game design from his more experience colleagues. Due to the impeding dissolution of Volition's parent company THQ, he decided retreat back to Singapore to start up a video game studio with the focus on making independent games. To make ends meet, he worked as an IT consultant and an Operations Manager in his spare time while writing stories and designing games.

When the opportunity arose for him to take up a Master's degree, he chose to come to the MDM program as it would offer him more experience in project-based setting and important industry connections. His goal in the program is to learn more about storytelling and interactive design techniques. His aim is to help create an innovative and engaging product that provides a basis for engaging storytelling and at the same time educates the users on the subject matter.

He regularly consumes and collects mass media in multiple formats and loves to discuss comic books, manga, novels, movies and video games. His interest revolves around seeking new mediums for storytelling in traditional and interactive formats. Due to his interest in storytelling, he usually talks for days on end.


Dec 2014 (Cohort 8)