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Kishore Venkateshan


Kishore completed his Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering from Bangalore, India. Having enjoyed video games since childhood, he aspires to pursue his career in Digital Media with major focus on game development. His passion for game development branches to video game console design as well.

"Grow Exponentially" was one of Kishore's motto growing up. His experience in programming comes from the nation-wide contests that he took part in and winning over six of them. Rich background in mathematics and physics bolster his algorithm design abilities. His primary language choice for programming is C/C++, but his quick learning and understanding of the roots of programming allows him to adapt to different programming languages and their IDEs.

Kishore has been actively involved in Computer Vision and Robotics. He has published two papers at international conferences in the field. His paper titled "Switch State Mechanism for Digital Life Assistant" was awarded the best paper for the effort put in developing an organized State Automata for use with Natural Language Processing. He followed this up with an IEEE paper titled "Baseball Hand Tracking from Monocular Video", which was appreciated for its novelty and simplicity in approach towards a complex problem.

His new found interest in game console design and its hardware aspects led him to explore the world of embedded computing devices like Arduino and assembly level programming with microcontrollers like the SX28 from Parallax.


Dec 2014 (Cohort 8)