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Kun Xia

Kun XIA.jpg

Bella(Kun XIA) acquired her bachelor degree in Interactive Art from the Communication University of China which locates in Beijing. The major she was dealing in mainly targeted in the electronic games industry. After she graduated, she had three years’ working experience in several game development companies with serving as a game designer.

The fabulous experience of developing and operating two MMORPGs: Warrior Epic, Mytheon and one 3D SNS game: Planet Crash turned Bella from a green hand in game design world into a professional game designer, making her realize that there is still large space for her to explore and a big demand and huge market awaits professionals who focus on this area.

After Bella’s further education in the MDM, she expects to greatly enrich her knowledge of games design, practice her brain for the creative thinking and get herself more closely connected to the world-in-trend game designing ideas. All of these can considerably improve her skills and make her more competitive in game design industry.


Dec 2014 (Cohort 8)