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Lam Kwan

Lam Kwan  | student

Class of: 
Dec 2020 (Cohort 14)

Artist / Designer

Lam Kwan graduated with Honours from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Interactive Arts and Technology with Design and Media Arts Concentrations. Her projects have been showcased at various events including the Simon Fraser University FCAT Undergraduate Conference. During her studies, she worked on various types of design projects, ranging from graphic design, interactive UI/UX design, video and 3D modeling: from ideation to the finished product. 

After earning her degree, Lam worked as a Graphic Designer in two companies: Swift Green Filters and IBI Group Architect. Throughout her experiences as a Graphic Designer, she created multiple brand identities, marketing / promotional materials, product packaging and campaigns. She also had the opportunity to focus on user experience and video production. 

Lam's goal with the MDM program is to strengthen her skills to design and develop more effective influential projects. Her motivation for selecting this program is because Design is her driving passion and it is a driving force in societal change. She is passionate in both Interactive Critical Design and User Experience Design that raise awareness on issues that are not commonly discussed in our society. 

Skill Sets: 
2D Designer
Concept Artist
UI Designer
UX Designer
Project Manager
Usability Tester

Projects: Project Lazuli: A Prosocial Initiative to Address Loneliness, VR Esports with AMPD Technologies