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Liam Fisher


Liam Fisher is a Digital Storyteller, with a Bachelor of Media Studies from the University of British Columbia. 

While at UBC, Liam began volunteering at the local school paper, The Ubyssey, quickly earning the job of Senior Sports Staff Writer. Working at the paper, he developed the skills and abilities to interview, work on short deadlines, and produce content that appealed to his target audiences. While in the writers' room, he honed his pitching techniques and created several humorous series that continue to this day. 

With a passion for writing, Liam broadened his skillset in several formats. Writing screenplays for sketches and short films, he crafted an ability for writing dialogue. Liam has produced several of his short films, learning the process and techniques of above the line film work. Liam also enjoys long walks along the beach and being stressed out of his mind. 

Liam chose the Masters in Digital Media for the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people; with skills and backgrounds different to his own. He hopes to focus on developing skills in managing projects, while also being able to apply his writings to create engaging content. 

Liam hopes to one day create content that create joy in peoples lives; with plans to write, creating digital media by cross combining the Venn diagram of his interests in sports and pop culture.


Dec 2020 (Cohort 14)


  • Producer
  • Video Editor
  • Writer