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Lola Qian


Lola is a concept artist, and has also explored animation, game design, and UI design. She has been fond of digital media for over 15 years. With academic training in animation and concept art, she has degrees from Southeast University (BA), China, and Teesside University (MA), England.

During undergraduate study, she had an internship in one of the best animation companies in China, Original Force 3D Ltd. After graduating in England in 2016, she began working with Left Pocket Studios, designing environments, characters, and illustrations for the animation ‘EMMY,’ which was the winner of The MIP Junior International Pitch. She has experience in concept art and design which can support the branding of the company and promote products in business. In 2017, she worked collaboratively as an artist within a multi-disciplinary team at GameJam in Shanghai.

She is actively interested in games, animation, graphic novels and applications. She enjoys sketching imagination, designing characters and provide some creative draft in team discussions. Upon her graduation from CDM, she would like to work for a company that's innovative and creative with opportunities to design indie games or applications.


Dec 2019 (Cohort 13)


  • 2D Designer
  • Animator / VFX
  • Concept Artist
  • UI Designer