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Mary Wilson

Mary Wilson  | student

Class of: 
Dec 2021 (Cohort 15)

Artist / Designer

Mary’s undergraduate training is in business management from the University of Queensland, Australia. The advertising and media courses inspired the later pursuit of a more dynamic and creative career. After graduation, she promptly moved to Vancouver where she worked at CI Financial in compliance.

After a few years, she was drawn to the tech scene in Vancouver. She completed a UX design course at BrainStation where she applied user research, wireframing, and prototyping to design a mobile app, learning the design process through project-based coursework.

In 2017, Mary secured various UX design contracts through telling ‘hire me’ related puns at tech networking meetups in Vancouver. Since then, she has designed product marketing sites, photo kiosk interfaces, content management systems, mobile experiences, and virtual reality game experiences.

At her most recent industry position, she conducted qualitative user research, led the UX/UI design across four projects, and was the Scrum Master for a team of developers. The intersection of design and leadership has made her competent across each stage of the design process from ideation to launch.

During her time at the Center for Digital Media, Mary has achieved her goal of broadening her skillset in developing, video editing, animation, rapid prototyping, Agile methodologies, and collaborating with as many peers as she can on different digital projects.

Besides her love of puns, mountain biking, and mechanical keyboards (she mutes when typing over Zoom!), Mary loves clean looking design. She strives to make intuitive interfaces that don’t sacrifice functionality for frills. Once graduating, Mary hopes to work at an established games or tech company as a UX Designer & User Researcher.

Skill Sets: 
UI Designer
UX Designer
Project Manager
Usability Tester

Projects: AI-driven Installation Piece for the Vancouver Art Gallery, Firefighter Training Simulation for Justice Institute of British Columbia, Venture Project: Ethica