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Michael Widmer

Widmer, Michael_02.JPG

As a computer scientist and a musician, Michael takes on the world both logically and creatively. His passion revolves around design and creation. He is an avid gamer, enjoying the challenge of strategy as well as the storytelling and action of RPGs.

After graduating from SAIT Polytechnic as an Electronics Engineering Technologist and working for a couple years as a technician for IBM, Michael decided that he was more interested in software than fixing broken machines. So he got a degree in Computer Science from the University of Calgary, in which he was attracted to the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Human/Computer Interaction. Meanwhile, he did an internship as a GUI designer for a project team with Schneider Electric.

During that time as a Computer Science student, he developed an interest in the interaction and relationship between people and technology. This was aided, in part, because he also studied Religion, Asian culture, and Philosophy. Both his technical and creative sides led him to the Masters of Digital Media program, where he hopes to fuse the two into the increasingly ubiquitous field of Digital Media.

After the program, Michael is hoping to have a creative role in interactive entertainment, working as a mediator between man and machine.


Dec 2014 (Cohort 8)