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Mohit Malhotra

Mohit Malhotra  | student

Class of: 
Dec 2020 (Cohort 14)

Business / Entrepreneur

Mohit is a data visualization analyst and tableau developer. He completed his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from GGSIPU Delhi one of the premier universities in India. During his bachelor's degree he researched about Human Computer Interaction and sixth sense technology and constructed a low cost multitouch table and co-authored a research paper titled Multi Touch: An Optical Approach (Comparison of Various Techniques).

After that he moved to United States to pursue a master's in Information Systems at Boston University where he got a chance to work with the Director of Project Management at Boston University as his graduate assistant developing and designing Project Management and Agile Development courses. He was responsible for designing the user interface and course structure of 4 courses on a blackboard and analyzing the data for all of the students for further development. It was due to his effort and design that the Project Management online course became one of the top courses in usnews.com. It was under his professor that he also got his Scrum Master Certification. 

After his master's degree, he worked for two years in the Data Visualization sector at Wolters Kluwer and TripAdvisor. He developed different Tableau dashboards, reports and visualizations for C level Executives.

At the CDM, Mohit wants to learn about game design, VR and AR and to work in the EdTech sector using these fields. He also plans to learn about the use of AR in data analysis. 

Skill Sets: 
Database Administrator
Front End Developer
Project Manager
Software Quality Assurance Analyst
Usability Tester
Web Developer (HTML/CSS/Java Script...)

Projects: BBBOOK: A Collaborative Web-Based Platform, Gold Mania with Truly Social Games