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Naijing Jiang

Jiang, Naijing.JPG

I am from Tianjin, a harbor city in northern China.

After graduated from high school, I went to the United States as a computer science student. Soon I found myself eager for entering the world of digital media. With a passion on anime and video games, I started my study of animation in Savannah College of Art and Design located in Atlanta. After earned my B.F.A degree, I continued my study in Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Eventually, I transferred to the CDM cause I prefer the digital way of creating more than the traditional way.

I consider myself as an artist and designer. However, while work in a team of art students, my technical skill and software proficiency always stands out and makes me popular in the team. I am a fast learner, and the thing I love most about teamwork is I can always learn a lot from my teammates.


Dec 2014 (Cohort 8)