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Oscar was an interior designer transforming his career journey into a UX/UI designer. He studied interior design as part of his undergraduate degree with 3 years of working experience in interior design and furniture fields.  The past customer service experience in digital ecosystems triggered his curiosity about human behavior both haffles and amazes him at the same time wishes to use that knowledge by constructing delightful stories and experiences for users. He trusts UX/UI horizons can optimize his creativity with wider perspectives to come up with design solutions.

Oscar started "the shift" by attending a part-time User Experience Design Fundamental course by Xccelerate in Hong Kong.  Then he attended a specialized UX/UI course for Gaming by Elvtr (Ivy Sang) in Vancouver. In the past, he is a freelance UX/UI designer conducting user research and developing the main user flow and information architecture of online features to support the Uxlicious website, room sharing/rental, and NFT projects. 

Oscar has multiple cultural backgrounds. He comes from Hong Kong, studying and working abroad in Melbourne, Savannah GA, San Diego, and currently in Vancouver. He feels passion and excitement to overcome challenges in completely unknown environments which give him the confidence to tackle problems, with good capabilities in organization and time management skills for delivering projects to clients. 

When Oscar is not working, you can find him helping NGOs.  He had spent his weekly Saturdays as a shop manager of a pet charity that arranged for stray cats to be adopted in the community.  He also likes playing badminton, hiking, and traveling.  He strongly believes MDM is a path for expanding his mental horizons and career development.  He values every opportunity to participate in real projects for gaining practical experience.  Thus, to get well-prepared for himself to be a capable worker in the digital media sphere.


Dec 2023 (Cohort 17)


  • 2D Designer
  • UI Designer
  • UX Designer
  • Usability Tester