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Chelsea Chang

Chelsea is an experienced mobile game designer with a Bachelor's Degree from CUC(Community University of China). The undergraduate study equipped her with basic programming knowledge and strong logical thinking ability.

During the past ten years, she has participated and played a core role in several games' whole development, SNS Game, Casual Game, Card Game, and most of which have been shipped and operated online. With high retention rates, these games served at least ten million players in China and more than five million players in other countries.

She is good at system design, economic system design, data structure and screen mock-up design. Additionally, she has solid documentation writing skills and communication skills. To keep pace with the fast-growing game industry, she keeps researching competitions for learning new game design trends and operation activities.

The MDM program has given her new challenges and valuable opportunities to work on game projects in Canada and collaborate with talented people from different cultures.


Dec 2021 (Cohort 15)


  • Game Designer
  • Project Manager