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Renee’s a web communications strategist with an eye for design and an interest in online communities. During both her academic and professional career, she has been involved with the web in some shape or form, be it as a developer of web applications, a designer (web, user experience, graphic), or as a leader in an enterprise planning capacity.


In previous roles at TELUS, she has focused on web strategies relating to web portals as well as social and collaboration platforms while in her current role at ICBC as Solutions Leader, Enterprise Services, she focuses on technology planning to support enterprise capabilities such as SharePoint 2010.  She had completed her Bachelor of Science, majoring in Computer Science at UBC and more recently, has completed a Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Communications at SFU.


Her interests lie in digital storytelling, both in the actual telling and in enabling others to tell their stories. In EMDM, she is looking forward to learning from other's perspectives and experiences and she is excited to be part of a creative environment that will lead to new ideas and innovations.

Dec 2013 (Cohort 7)