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Robert Fiker

Robert Fiker

Robert’s always loved the ability of video games to convey "out of this world" experiences, as well as their potential to have a positive impact on someone’s life. Combined with his passion for tech, this lead him to study Computer Science (BSc.) in university.

Here, he not only gained extensive programming and software development experience but also expanded his horizons. Whether it was leading development for a student app start-up, building a novel machine learning tool for neuroscience research, winning a prominent hackathon, or experimenting with HoloLens; creating experiences and tools that positively impact others was always his primary motivator. In addition, this experience made him realize that game development is the only career direction that speaks to him on a deeper level. As such, he started pivoting his skill set toward games (C++, C#, Unity, Unreal, OpenGL, etc.).

At the moment, Robert’s hard-at-work honing this skill set, as well as improving the necessary soft skills to make a great addition to a game development team, all through the MDM program and his side projects.


Dec 2022 (Cohort 16)


  • Programmer (C++, C#, Python, Java...)
  • Mobile Devices Developer
  • Unity Programmer