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Rosa Cebolla


Rosa is a Marketing and Business Manager and holds a double degree in Marketing/Advertising/PR by ESERP Business School and Communication by UNIR (University of La Rioja). She also holds a BH in Marketing Management by Staffordshire University. 

Since she was young Rosa knew she wanted to be the person behind the TV shows and the one creating the stories for the video games she enjoyed so much. While pursuing her Communication degree she came to the realization that the digital aspect of it was what she really enjoyed. Driven by her will to learn more and develop new skills, she began taking several small courses focused in coding and graphic design.

Her abilities landed her a position as Communication Intern at a marketing company where she ended assisting the Creative Department due to her skills. Later on, she went to help Manage the Marketing Department at her family business where she was the Project Manager for three different projects: a re-branding, a gamification project and a web development. 

Through the MDM program she looks to gain experience focusing on managing digital projects, working with professionals from different backgrounds and grow professionally in challenging environments.

Once the program is completed, she would like to work as a Game Designer or Project Manager while her long-term goal is to open her own Digital Studio focusing on team-work based projects and help bring the kind of stories she liked as a kid to life.


Dec 2020 (Cohort 14)


  • 2D Designer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Game Designer
  • Marketing / Communication Specialist
  • Producer
  • Project Manager
  • Writer