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Ruby Zhang

Ruby Zhang  | student

Class of: 
Dec 2020 (Cohort 14)

Artist / Designer

Ruby is a production designer and interactive designer. She holds a bachelor degree in industrial design from Beijing University of Technology. She knows the whole design process of making a product live. She is proficient in various design software(e.g.Illustrator, SolidWorks, CAD, Photoshop, Premiere). She can uses Arduino and other technologies to create interactive design prototypes as well.

But now Ruby is more focus on digital media. She has worked for Amazon in web visual design as an intern. In that period, she first learned about digital media. During her time at Amazon, she saw another team working on 3D animations for their business activities. She found the work interesting and full of creativity. And since then she has always liked animation. Now she wants to do similar work in the future. Because of that, she taught herself Blender and is learning MAYA.

Ruby hopes to transform from industrial designer to 3d artist. She aims to find the focus of her career and learn professional skills that can be applied to her work. She wants to work with more designers, artists and people from other fields at the Center for Digital Media to create better work and learn from them.

Skill Sets: 
2D Designer
3D Designer
UI Designer
UX Designer
Video Editor

Projects: BBBOOK: A Collaborative Web-Based Platform, VR Clinical Tele-Simulation with Dr. Omamah Almousa