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VR Clinical Tele-Simulation with Dr. Omamah Almousa

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To develop clinical medical tele-simulation using virtual reality. Through advanced virtual reality tele-simulation, clinical training can be accessible in resource-limited areas overcoming the barriers of distance, time, personnel, and equipment.

Simulation is the process of recreating a contextual background for the purpose of learning. In medical training it allows the student to make decisions, experience success, make mistakes, receive feedback, and gain confidence in an environment that is void of patient risk. Research has suggested that simulation is superior to conventional education delivery however; there are several barriers that limit access to traditional medical simulation centres. Simulators are often located in urban centres and not easily accessible to those outside the centres due to geographic, cost and time constraints. Lack of clinical simulation training is more evident in remote regions of the world. 

Virtual tele-simulations would allow for education and training in rural areas. Instructors could remotely manipulate the clinical scenario with the use of an instructor control panel. Students in rural areas could reap the benefits of simulation without the need of physical simulation centres. The virtual simulation would make training more feasible within an institution allowing for inter-institutional networking and collaboration and a novel education opportunity for medical students in developing countries.

Dec 2020 (Cohort 14)