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Ruchika Madan

Ruchika Madan

Ruchika has an MBA in Marketing with more than 13 years of experience in Ad-Tech Monetization & Digital Marketing. She started her career with a start-up (Vdopia, the first video monetization platform in India) as their first employee which played a significant role in setting her foundation towards a resilient professional attitude. She successfully increased the revenue multi-fold for Vdopia and further launched & developed their mobile video business.

After 4 years of enriching experience with them, she decided to venture into a more robust setup, Yahoo! to expand her horizons on a global scale. She had a welcoming growth chart in a revenue-driven role throughout her tenure of around 10 years in Yahoo!, where she also led a team and worked on several projects centric towards the programmatic ecosystem and content marketing. She collaborated with many Brand Managers, Digital Marketers, and other Partners in achieving their marketing objectives by utilizing Yahoo's advertising technology platforms.

Ruchika is a long-time admirer and enthusiast of the mar-tech and ad-tech environments, especially since she has seen it evolve in India from its infancy. With each exciting year in her journey, her passion for creating an impact in the digital world has been elevating. Irrespective of the time she has dedicated to this field, she always approaches it as a student with a constant desire to learn more. Embracing uncertainty and focusing on strategic planning have further contributed to her leadership skills.

When she is not working, she likes to use her leisure time to paint nature on canvas. Being new to Vancouver, she is now enthused to explore the city, meet new people and make enriching connections.

When asked what she's most excited about for the MDM program, Ruchika said, "I am keen to comprehend the design principles behind diversified digital media arts and upskill myself in the craft of storytelling. With a vision to become a valuable project manager, I foresee cultivating a design & innovative mindset and attaining the technical know-how vital to collaborate with the programmers, designers, and other stakeholders. Most importantly, apart from these professional enrichments, I seek to meet people from diverse spheres of life and collaborate with them on projects that can help create a better tomorrow."


Dec 2022 (Cohort 16)


  • Entrepreneur
  • Marketing / Communication Specialist
  • Product Manager