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SoHyun is a Product Designer based in Vancouver, BC, with great visual design and directing skills. As a UX/UI Designer, SoHyun seeks inclusive product design and is ready to create meaningful digital experiences with accessibility. As for her educational background, She holds an undergraduate degree in Interactive Arts + Technology (Design Concentration) from Simon Fraser University with a Print + Digital Publishing minor. She is also acquiring Mater's degree in Digital Media from the Centre for Digital Media. 

SoHyun loves creating meaningful digital experiences and tangible products. She also loves bringing digital solutions for inclusivity, engaging the digital experience for communities, and leveraging the company's stories to achieve its goals. 

Previously, SoHyun had worked as a Product (Visual) Designer at Fjord, Accenture, with TD Insurance as her main client. She has worked on simplifying the information architecture of the complicated flow of applying for car insurance and brought solutions digitally. While working on the project, she suggested visual guidelines of TD to the client and actively communicated with the client on their needs and the project's goal. While working at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) as a UX/UI Design Intern in Technology & Operation team, one of her main projects was the mobile app for the RBC branch workers. While considering the users with various age ranges, she also considered people's different user patterns and worked on visual design guidelines for people with color blindness. 

Most of her side projects and academic projects include more on inclusivity, targeting seniors and people with disabilities. To spread awareness and for world designers and developers to be more aware of the issue, she has created a small pocket booklet with lists of disabilities, visual solutions, and references with QR codes where they can get more details on. 

SoHyun found the MDM programs would help develop leadership skills and would be an excellent opportunity to work with people with different interests and practice her more intense agile work style. Furthermore, SoHyun's goal as a product designer is to continue creating social awareness with digital solutions. She also hopes to go into the education industry to share her experiences and thoughts as a designer with quiet leadership with students. 

As for future plans, she is planning on going to the creative and innovation industry to solve social problems with technology and bring tangible and achievable solutions for users. 


Dec 2023 (Cohort 17)


  • UI Designer
  • UX Designer
  • Product Manager
  • Visual Designer