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Sooq Won


Sooq Won is a media artist, producer and a creative director. Her background includes screening her single/multi channel video(s) in film festivals/galleries, producing contents with public broadcasting companies, educating digital literacy in public/private institutions, curating fine arts in a leading art gallery in Korea featuring a monthly art auction, and directing large-scale media projects for an LED façade, a hologram theatre for K-pop concerts, and a 38-meter-long interactive media tunnel between commercial department stores in Song-do smart city in Korea.

She earned her first Master’s degree at University College London in 2006, a Bachelor’s degree in Film Study from Dankook University in Seoul and has trained in the digital content business with the Korea Creative Content Agency, which governs public Korean digital media content (e.g. character design licensing, music concert business, game contents industry).

The city of Vancouver has provided an amazing opportunity to spark Sooq’s imagination. She wishes to invest her time and energy into different aspects of the city utilizing urban media facades, these projects include: projection mapping for key landmarks, LED light technology for art and music festivals, audience-interactive digital media displays for city and commercial sites. Vancouver has such a unique architectural character; a city of glass, this fame can be applied for its nightlife tourism.

Her goal with the Master’s program at the Centre for Digital Media is to refine her skillset for the Canadian industry and to get ready for the future digital media business in Northern America. Her previous team at CDM has provided for the Museum of Vancouver a storytelling map of Chinese Immigrants in British Columbia, a digital prototype of a virtual training simulation for the Justice Institute of British Columbia and a prototype of an interactive installation of a history of AI for an art gallery in Vancouver.

When not working, Sooq pushes herself to the state of perfection both as an individual dancer and as a team performer. She has led team performances in several different dance disciplines, including Salsa, Aerial silks and Argentine Tango. She believes the uniqueness of each dance connects to its cultural mindset and discover new formulas for creativity. So she tries to keep an open mind, listening, learning and sharing.


Dec 2020 (Cohort 14)


  • Entrepreneur
  • UX Designer
  • Producer
  • Project Manager