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Ugochukwu Nwaufa

Ugo Nwaufa

Ugochukwu is an Illustrator and Designer that seeks knowledge from different disciplines.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Covenant University, Nigeria and a Postgraduate Diploma in Management from Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Nigeria. He has a broad range of design-based skills with experience in areas such as Character Design for Animations, Graphic Design and Textile Design. He enjoys creating compelling Character designs, exploring new fields of design and bringing ideas to life.

His goal at the MDM program is to apply himself and gain professional knowledge and skills in executing digital projects while also networking with creatives from different disciplines. When he is not working, he enjoys consuming creative educational content, playing games and working on his fitness.


Dec 2022 (Cohort 16)


  • 2D Designer
  • Concept Artist
  • Technical Artist
Instagram: guild_artz