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Wei (Willa) Yu is a UX/UI designer, currently transitioning into the digital media field and also looking to explore VR/AR design. She considers herself an interdisciplinary designer and loves delving into various aspects of design to synthesize complexity and change digital/physical environments for the better.

Before the MDM program, Willa completed her Bachelor’s in Architecture with outstanding performance. When designing for physical space, she tried to utilize different mediums to realize her concern for problems, thus gradually recognizing that understanding human needs and integrating interactive experience is a more intuitive approach than traditional space-oriented architecture design thinking.

Her former architecture study shaped Willa into an avid learner and a team player who values the beauty of cooperation. When asked what she’s most excited about for the MDM program, Willa said she enjoys working in teams and collaborating with talented people from different backgrounds to solve real-world problems through digital media solutions and experiment with new things outside her comfort zone. She hopes to empower digital creations through meaningful experience and engaging narratives through the MDM program.

Looking into the future, Willa hopes to continue refining her skills as a UX designer with human-centric approaches, and also gain a deeper understanding of user research and take the initiative to take a design management role. She is passionate about creating digital “beings” that connect, inspire and delight people.


Dec 2023 (Cohort 17)


  • 3D Designer
  • UI Designer
  • UX Designer