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Xinpei Zhang


As an enthusiastic game player who began to play games from 6 years old, I have witnessed the great revolution in interactions of games in the recent years. From joypad, keyboard and mouse to virtual reality and augmented reality, the progress of interactive arts and technology is bringing us more and more realistic gaming experiences. And as a designer working in the game industry, I can’t help to devoting myself into this “revolution”.

I earned my Bachelor’s degree with a major in Digital Media Arts in the School of Animation and Digital Arts at Communication University of China in 2012. This school is renowned in the areas of animation and digital arts design in China, and I have had the chance to take many courses in the field of digital media with an emphasis on game design as well as some intensive computer science courses focusing on game development. Through the many course projects, I have gained considerable design and development experience. In addition, the courses tended to require a great deal of
group work, and I was fortunate to refine my leadership skills during this time. Perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of my education was the opportunity to develop these skills and learn to share and mutually develop ideas with others

Since the year 2012, I accumulated a wealth of professional experience in the game development industry, through which I have got myself well prepared for any challenges in your master’s program. Upon graduating from the university, I was eager to apply the theoretical knowledge I had acquired in school in practical work settings. I initially worked for 1 year as a game balancer at Happy Elements Technology Co., Ltd and was in charge of the game value design and balance. I then advanced to Gameloft Beijing, where I was responsible for numeric and logic structure design and game economy design for games such as Order & Chaos. After working for 2 years at Gameloft, I realized my true interest lay in game design and development instead of game value balance. However, as a limitation of my educational background, I found it to switch to a position working as a game designer and developer. So, I left Gameloft and joined Elex Technology. In the company, I finally got the opportunities to involve in the work related to UI and interactive design of several mobile games that served ten million of players, like Clash of Kings.


Dec 2018 (Cohort 12)


  • UX Designer
  • Game Designer
  • Unity Programmer