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Yuri Wu

Yuri Wu  | student

Class of: 
Dec 2021 (Cohort 15)

Artist / Designer

Yuri Wu is an experienced 2D artist and 3D product designer with a myriad of exciting ideas and multilingual background. She holds a Bachelor of Design from Emily Carr University of Art and Design. She specialized in concept design, illustration, storytelling and product design.

Yuri learnt classical art and music theories the usual way, but she made herself familiar with various practical tools like Adobe Suite, 3D programs and Video-editing programs. For her projects, she is passionate about creating a marvellous visual world through music, scenarios and backgrounds. During her undergraduate period at university, she has been cooperating with certain individual studios as a freelance illustrator and concept artist.

Through those experiences, Yuri accumulated some skills of time-management; problem-solving; ability and willingness to learn, adapt and create new methods and processes; and the ability to work collaboratively. She is seeking additional knowledge through the MDM program and hopes to apply that knowledge and skills into her future career after graduation.

Skill Sets: 
2D Designer
3D Designer
Concept Artist
UI Designer
Video Editor

Projects: AI-driven Installation Piece for the Vancouver Art Gallery, Imitation Game Publication with Vancouver Art Gallery