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Zexi Feng


Evan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Animation Design and a Master of Arts degree in Interaction Design at Tongji University in Shanghai. He has been a core member of the Center for Digital Innovation (CDI) at Tongji University and led several projects combining design and technology to make promising solutions.

In the car HMI design project collaborated with PSA, Evan designed the HMI system with proactive infotainment and scenario-based dynamic user interface which he took clues from conversational A.I. assistants and data prediction mechanism. By collecting environmental data and detecting user emotion and behavior, the system was able to present information, reorganize the interface and launch apps corresponding to user expectations without manipulation. The design showed its amazing potential to enhance driving safety without compromising the HMI system functionalities.

Before Evan came to the CDM, he did an internship at BMW in Shanghai as an UX Designer. In which he exhibited a deep understanding of human interface design, a comprehensive perception of how users connect with the system, and the enthusiasm for adopting new technology with strong execution in his project, all these helped to make great outcomes in his work.


Dec 2018 (Cohort 12)


  • Front End Developer
  • UI Designer
  • UX Designer