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Aaron Huang

Aaron Huang

Technical / Developer

Aaron is a designer and avid visionary. He has worked as a freelance front-end web designer for 5 years. Currently, Aaron is completing his Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in computer science, at the University of British Columbia.

During his academic career, Aaron has worked on several academic and personal projects, acquiring skills in both UI design and software engineering fields. He has also taken two HCI courses and worked on projects with a focus on UX design. During his internship at an enterprise software corporation, he worked on front-end web development and quality assurance. He has assisted with implementing new features with his teammates, automated tests for fast, test-driven development, and filed over 100 bug tickets during his internship.

Aaron chose to do a practicum at the Centre for Digital Media to work in a creative, collaborative, and industry-like environment, while also learning new skills and insight in UX design and software development.

Skill Sets: 
Front End Developer
UI Designer
UX Designer
Programmer (C++, C#, Python, Java...)
Web Developer (HTML/CSS/Java Script...)

Projects: Trailblazrs