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Visiting Students

Elmira Azizi


Elmira Azizi is a second-degree computing science student at SFU. She obtained her first bachelor's in automobile engineering. Prior to joining CDM, she was working as a quality assurance analyst at Clevest Inc, a Vancouver-based software company that provides workforce management solutions. As a result of her studies and experiences, Elmira is proficient in C/++, Python, Java, HTML. CSS, and Javascript programming and web development languages. 

Amongst her many hobbies, Elmira spends her free time working with underprivileged communities to ensure that they can also have access to the same opportunities that Elmira had the privilege to enjoy. Lately, she has been working with her high school in Iran to establish a network of alumni who can assist the school in providing the funds for improving educational conditions in underdeveloped regions of Iran and to eradicate child labour. 

At the CDM, Elmira is looking forward to bringing her software development knowledge into practical experience while exercising some of her interpersonal skills, such as team working. She is also hoping to learn more about AR and the digital media world, especially gaming and animation. 

As an older sister and a former educational assistant, Elmira has grown to enjoy and love working with children; For this reason, after completing her studies she would like to initiate her own start-up on an education tool and software that will engage young adolescents, especially girls, with STEM, coding and robotics.