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Visiting Students

Jasmine Wu

Jasmine - Inda Macías.png

Jasmine is a developer and designer who is passionate about creating beautiful and functional UI experiences. She is currently studying business and computer science at the University of British Columbia.

She first decided to pursue a career in digital media after participating in the TMDM program at CDM in high school. During university, she worked as a digital design intern at Best Buy and a software engineer intern at Nordstrom. Through her work experiences, she has also developed a passion for e-commerce and how technology can be used to improve shopping experiences online.

What excites her the most about joining the Interactive Digital Media Practicum program is the opportunity to work on a real-world e-commerce solution project with peers that are also passionate about digital media and technology. She is looking forward to developing her skills as a developer and designer in a cross-functional team environment to build an innovative project.