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Project Crush - eCommerce Ad Network with Major Tom

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Grocery store merchandising has not evolved much in the last 150 years with brands struggling to get their products featured in the most prominent locations in the grocery store. Consumer behavior has been shifting to online grocery shopping at a rapid rate, and COVID has accelerated this trend.

Project Crush begun as a project aimed towards the new trends and behaviors seen recently in the eCommerce world to increase revenue stream for product placement. Along with Major Tom, the industry-leading specialists in modern marketing, we will work to develop a beta prototype for technology that connects with independent grocery store's online shopping platforms to run an advertising auction so emerging and established brands can bid for better product placement.

A solution for independent online grocery stores that can integrate with their existing shopping platform and revenue share the cost-per-clicks. Digitalizing the relationship between brands and grocery stores allows for better product placement and store discoverability, more efficient matches, and optimal deals for both parties.

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Dec 2021 (Cohort 15)