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Jonathan Jorgensen

Jonathan Jorgensen

Jonathan Jorgensen is a programmer and a game designer coming from Denmark to participate in Industry Project as a lead programmer. He has a background in game development and programming. He is a student in Computer Science at Dania Games in Denmark, where he was specifically selected to participate in the project.

Jonathan has worked with games and game development over the past years and has experience with C#, MonoGame, Unity and Godot as well as many different techniques such as networking, programming patterns and optimization. He is used to working in projects and solving problems while working with different project managing strategies such as Scrum and Unified Process. He is also very tech-savvy and knows a lot about computer hardware.

Working in the Industry Project, Jonathan expects to gain more knowledge and experience with client projects as well as working with a team from different backgrounds and expanding his network.

Projects: GeoLens