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Visiting Students

Julie Moens


Julie is a visiting student from UBC. She is in her final year of a Computer Science degree, where her studies have focused on statistics and machine learning. She also holds a degree in Biology, and has 5 years of work experience in the field. Three of those years were spent at Kings College in London, on a research project focusing on the genetics behind people's mental health. It was during this time that she took courses in SQL, Python, and R, and decided to pursue a career in CS.

Since Julie began her second degree she has interned at Copperleaf Technologies and at Tableau. Through these positions she has been immersed in the Agile workflow, and has learned a lot about how to function as a part of a team in a fast paced tech environment. 

As a visiting student at the CDM, Julie's goal is to use the resources at her disposal to learn about Unreal and MagicLeap technology, and to experience being immersed in a project from concept through to a prototype.