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Ross Shen

Ross Shen

Ross is a third-year undergraduate student studying Computing Science at the Simon Fraser University. He sees the potential of digital media and quickly gained interest in related areas, focusing on computer graphics and interactive media developments. He believes Digital Media Practicum would be a unique and enriching experience for himself and his team.

For the past years, Ross has been developing his digital media skills. He is familiar with the fundamentals of computer graphics, game developments, and web developments. He has developed some small games and simulations as he finds interest in these fields. Through his experiences, he explored various different techniques, such as shading and illumination, collision detection and avoidance, and front-end frameworks.

Aside from multimedia programming, he has also experience in back-end management. He is well-trained in working with databases. He has composed some database designs and implementations for storing information, as well as SQL queries to retrieve data to the application through API calls. Moreover, he retains knowledge of Internet network communications and HTTP protocols.

Moving away from the technical skills, he developed skills in narrative storytelling and game design. He has participated in film production and developed skills including storyboarding, scripting, and film compositions. In addition, he executes game analysis and provides many aspects to evaluate the playability of a game, and analyzes what can be improved.

Overall, he is a well-rounded interactive media developer with many technical skills and some art and design capabilities. One of his goals for this project is to utilize his knowledge to convey ideas between artistically talented and technically oriented teammates while also improving in all aspects of the agile development process throughout the semester.

Projects: Web Search Solution with The Law Foundation of British Columbia