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Ross is an interactive media developer and holds a bachelor degree of science in Computing Science from Simon Fraser University. He is passionate about building digital products that make users engaged and enjoy using. He believes that it is important to emphasize on user participations and interactions in the digital applications.

During his undergraduate study, Ross has gained extensive experience in web development. Not only that he can make websites in plain HTML, CSS and JavaScript, he has also learnt to use preprocessors like Pug and Sass to build more complex webpages. Additionally, he has experiences in frameworks, such as Angular and Express.js, as well as Node.js environment and databases for backend development. One of the noticeable web development projects that he has accomplished was a team project during his participation in UBC/SFU Digital Media Practicum at the CDM. He was involved as a full stack web developer working with B.C. Human Right Tribunal to achieve a functional search engine with a unique approach to solve the problems. The project was recognized and considered as a finalist project for SFU CS Diversity Award 2022. In addition, the wonderful collaboration experience at the CDM encouraged Ross to continue his academic career in the MDM program.

Furthermore, he is interested in game design and development. He has a strong understanding of game design theory, and he has experience in developing board game and digital game. A notable game that he has developed is Kumo and Oni. It is a 2D adventure game with cooperative puzzle-solving mechanic developed using Unity. He was primarily responsible for the level design and Unity scripting. The game was awarded one of the top 3 best games of the semester by a group of guests consist of designers and developers working in the game industry. With his passion in game development, he also enjoying building tools for game development. He developed an application which will help indie game developers save countless hours in the design of artwork in their games, and he was honoured to publish and present it in SIGGRAPH 2022.

Through the MDM program, Ross aims to focus on developing innovative and engaging digital products. Ross’ goal with MDM program is to expand his knowledge and explore different product developments. He looks forward to work with people from different disciplines that are all enthusiastic about digital media and make valuable connections in the industry.


Dec 2023 (Cohort 17)


  • Front End Developer
  • Game Designer
  • Programmer (C++, C#, Python, Java...)
  • Unity Programmer
  • Web Developer (HTML/CSS/Java Script...)